Complete Industrial Automation Services

Operate your machinery and processes with full automation. We are delivering customized services for industrial automation. Increase the efficiency and functionality of your manufacturing process. Reduce the cost associated with imperative procedures. Optimize the performance of your setup. Eliminate unnecessary delays and enhance your business productivity with Industrial IoT (IIoT).


From ideation to end production, we are committed to offering premium developing, deploying, and maintaining services for automation systems. We are transforming the setups of our clients and making them industry 4.0 capable. We are providing professional services to various organizations to lessen downtime, increment efficiency, and enhance production. Our team has the expertise you can trust on. We are serving a range of industries throughout the world. From designing to engineering customized automated solutions, we outline every process in an exclusive way to address each industry. Our team of industrial IoT experts has successfully developed a process that works on every manufacturing challenge, irrespective of the complexity, and draws the anticipated results.

Conception & Proposal

At the outset, our engineering team discovers all the parameters that are playing a significant role in overall operations. Putting their technical knowledge and creative problem-solving to work to identify the effective process automation solution to your operational challenge. Keeping the most advanced technological aspects, automation equipment, and market trends into account, we thoroughly outline the complete solution to address the requirement in a comprehensive proposal.

Design & Development

After outlining every single detail in the comprehensive proposal, our design team draws the complete layout. Specifically mentioning all the dimensions to allow every team to have a clear vision. The primary purpose of this step is to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Once the design is approved, integration of the controls and machines starts. Before installation, we test and debug every part to ensure that everything works as per the plan.



Support and Maintenance.

We offer complete support and maintenance services for your systems and machines. Along with the delivery of the process automation system, we provide engineering and technical services to start up your system at your place and equip your staff with mandatory training. We make sure that the project complies with all SOPs. Additionally, we also provide operating instructions and any special document necessary to operate your system successfully.


Shift To Industrial Automation

Empower your business to have more efficiency and productivity. Get your industrial components integrated with our industry 4.0 automation system. Our newly installed system and your existing network control systems get linked together to offer a complete package with little to no alteration in the current setup.

Minimize Downtime

Decrease your process downtime by retrofitting already installed machinery controls. Highlight potential component failure and reduce breakdowns. Rectify preventative and predictive maintenance processes. Get visualization of points of failure.

Boost Productivity

Enhance your business production rate, eliminate waste and minimize errors. Optimize your production and meet your goals. Decrease setup time and simplify operations. Cut work-in-progress and cycle time and increment your inventory.

Enhance Quality

Time equipment and product tests. Keep records beyond the tolerance of product, material, or scrap.  Easily direct necessary actions to control everything to ensure superior quality.


Energy Efficiency

Monitor your energy usage more precisely and balance your power distribution systems

Why Choose AMZ Engineering Automation Services

The present era’s ever-changing industrial technologies propose advanced, innovative, and industry 4.0-based solutions to resolve industrial issues. To utilize the potential of these cutting-edge technologies, your business needs a well-versed partner who can comprehend and use these advancements to meet the need of your business. From discovery to final installation, our team is committed to developing, implementing, and maintaining a premium industrial IoT system that can assist your business in achieving future goals. We have been serving a wider variety of industries for the past couple of years. Our diverse experience in the technical and business field allows us to build an automated system having advanced automation equipment that enhances businesses’ operational productivity and revenue. Our dedicated team of experts is directed by our valued mission and vision to deliver excellent services to our clientele. Throughout the automation process, we work closely with our partner businesses.