We are offering premium industrial consultancy services to scores of industries. Empowering businesses to make confident decisions and lead the industry. We believe that your business deserves the best. Let our certified consulting experts drive your firm to discover new horizons.

Your Partner in Growth

The core objective of our engineering consultancy services is to design and deliver state-of-the-art facilities to our clientele. AMZ Engineering applies scientific principles to make things happen. Creating highly-advanced engineering solutions for businesses to transform their operations for industry 4.0. Enhancing their capabilities to produce more with the existing infrastructure. Our tailored automation consultancy services exclusively address all the current and future needs of engineering firms. Get practical solutions to your business problems and make it Industrial IoT capable.



We have the expert skill-set and knowledge of new trends in the market. For the last couple of years, we are delivering top-notch business consultancy services. Our team has worked on many different projects. Allowing us to develop considerable acumen in several industries. Expand the productivity of your business with our professional opinions and upgrade it to industry 4.0.

Cost Saving


It’s time to devise an effective strategy that can cut costs in your production line. In our automation consultancy services, we identify key areas to improve your operational efficiency and redesign your products. Produce your desired products in a brand-new way with limited use of resources. Widen the cost-sale margin and boost your business revenue.

Upgrade Technology


We guide businesses to install new technology that helps to enhance operational productivity. Reconfigure your operations, transform them and synchronize them to a collective goal. Adapt your industrial setup to the latest technological development. Take advantage of automation and make it serve the purpose of your business and boost its efficiency.

Manage Workload


If you are looking to expand your business or your customer base has increased, then ramp up your industrial production with Industrial IoT (IIoT). We have successfully extended many industrial setups to meet the boosting demands of their products. Enabling them to save their brand reputation and have significant advancement in the production scale.

A Wider Range of Industrial Consultancy

Working with a myriad of industries has extended our expertise spectrum to drive different businesses and make them reach their full potential. With an objective eye, we guide our clients to eliminate all the discrepancies that are interrupting the production cycle. Our team of certified engineering consultancy experts made businesses capable enough to face bold challenges and enhance their capabilities. Some of the key products or services that our area of service includes:

Machinery Parts Augmentation

Product Transformation

Redesigning Auto Parts

Industrial Process Revamping

Complete Industrial IoT

Process Automation

Why avail our consultancy services.

Every business is thriving to succeed and has structured various long-term plans. With the inexorable pace of development of the modern era, it has become an uphill task to cope with all the uninvited challenges. The trends of the world are changing with every single industrial sector achievement. Investment in the intellectual part of businesses’ section today let them collect the lucrative benefits tomorrow. Industrial Consultancy adds the element of intellectual part and empowers businesses to not only grab the opportunity to lead their industry but also extend their capacity to synchronize their setup with the new technology of Industry 4.0. We offer a complete set of engineering consultancy services to design, deploy, and maintain your industrial infrastructure. We offer automation consultancy services ranging from minor programs or hardware modification to enterprise-level wide planning; also, for the integration of existing traditional or automation systems.


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