Customized & Compatible Industrial Software

Complete range of Industrial software to drive performance out of your industrial setup. We are delivering IIoT-capable programs to share data and insights between machines, sensors, and all connected devices. Enable strategic collaboration and reduce operational time. From sensor software, controller software, and machine software a fully developed IIoT software, we are providing businesses with the latest set of complete programs. These programs help in managing, optimizing, and visualizing many tasks and operations. They allow real-time monitoring of your system to check all the important parameters and direct your machinery to work in the most efficient manner.

Advanced Software for Industries

The wide array of our software includes all the advanced software required for any industry to run its machinery at the optimal level and make it compatible with industrial 4.0 systems. They provide all the data of machines and their parts that empower businesses to run them effectively, thereby giving them opportunities to reduce production costs and boost productivity. These customized, compatible, and cutting-edge programs make processes more versatile and dynamic which ultimately elevates the production graph.

Sensors are often the central elements in the production cycle. They play an integral role in maintaining and controlling the parameters of various key processes. Based on their working and output many procedures are modified to meet the specific requirements. AMZ Engineering provides a complete range of sensor software. Our programs are backed by many years of technical expertise. We define quality based on the capabilities and functionalities. Our specialized sensor programs are equipped with all the key features that help to run the sensors at their maximum potential and deduce the required output from them.

Industrial controllers are high-performance controllers that provide connectivity for communication and synchronization to various industrial parts. To exercise their full potential, industries need high-end programs to drive operational excellence and maximize productivity. Our packages of controller software encompass all the controllers. Allowing the industrial setup to synchronize operations with the updated data. Smoothly integrate connected machines with pre-defined modules.  We deliver robust technical programs for the industrial controller to accelerate the processes. With our industry and process-specific program industries oversee their operation with more convenience.

Our software is helping scores of industries to augment the performance of their machines. They support myriad key functions to let the manufacturers make the transition and to ensure the rapid enhancement and strategic return on investment. Differentiating their procedures from competitors, our program adds new value in terms of functional performance, and durability. Giving the machine the required capabilities to utilize all of its installed parts and tools in an effective way to generate ultimate output. Our industry 4.0 machine software transforms the machine into a highly interactive industrial component. Enabling businesses to synchronize them with the new era technology of IIoT.

Competitive Edge

Take advantage of your industry competitors and establish your business as a leader in the market. Outperform and lift your production with more efficiency coupled with industry 4.0 and have greater profit margins.


Complete Compatibility

We offer a very versatile range of industrial software; our programs are fully compatible with all of the models of the sensors, controllers, and machines, they are made for. They are proficient enough to run their respective industrial component effectively. Their compatibility is duly tested and verified by our team of expert engineers.

After-Sale Service

No need to worry about any of your program glitches or malfunctioning. Our team looks after every corner of our client’s programs. We value the commitment made and investment spent, therefore we remain in touch with our client after the delivery of the firmware. Our after-sales services team provides superior customer service to make sure the smooth functioning of the program.


Meet the team of experts.

We have successfully delivered our different programs to many industries. They are fully functional and are giving the desired output. Our demonstrated experience in this section of the industry makes us stand out. Get in touch with our dedicated team of veterans.